Four reasons why addicts need the church for defeating addiction

The church is a way to lasting sobriety. The church makes available a community of like-minded people with the right set of values and the overwhelming love of fellowship.

It creates an atmosphere of love and intimacy that encourages addicts to live better lives. Addiction recovery programs often concentrate on the mental and physical health of addicts. The church focuses on the faith, mental, physical, and social health of addicts.

There are benefits to enjoy by seeking help from the church on your way to sobriety. A few will these benefits will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

For those who seek Christian ways to getting out of addiction, the church helps addicts find strength in faith and satisfaction in fellowship.

When you are down and all hope seems to be lost, the church shows you the ray of hope that comes in God. The church creates a channel where you are immersed in your faith walk while maintaining your health routine. 

One of the primary benefits of the church is to create a fellowship where people can interact freely without a feeling of being left out.

The church creates an avenue where people of different classes and races can come together, unified in God. The church helps create the support system addicts need to recover and have lasting sobriety.

Churches regularly set up activities and events that help addicts get over their drug cravings. By immersing themselves in the activities and events, they are so involved with serving that they forego their drugs and their cravings. This new way of life helps them to maintain their sobriety. 

A study revealed that people who attend churches at least once a month have a 22% lower risk of being depressed. By going to the church regularly, the mental health of addicts is improved. The same goes for their physical and social health.