How to help an addicted pastor

Pastors are ministers dedicated to service to God and their congregation. They are mature, patient, flexible, and have impressive administrative prowess.

They are the highest authorities in a given church. With such respect and reverence accorded to one man, it is normal for people to see them as “emotionless” and saints. 

In the last few years, there has been increasing awareness that pastors are also humans and can be addicted to various things.

This has shaped the mindset of people to make sure they lookout for the signs and help those in need. Pastors can be also be addicted like others, they can also be treated. 

The first step to helping an addicted pastor is to help him/her understand that they are also human. It means they are susceptible to making mistakes.

This acknowledgment helps them not to feel bad about themselves while gaining sobriety. This stage of knowledge forms the core of the healing process.

The next step is choosing the rehab center. Due to the sensitivity of their position and the public image they represent, they should use executive rehab programs or a religious-based rehab program.

The executive program ensures their privacy and confidentiality. In contrast, the religious-based rehab programs make sure they are within people of similar values.

The next thing to consider is the type of program. There are two main programs: the outpatient rehab program and the inpatient rehab program.

The inpatient program is an intensive care program where the clergy is treated for some time, usually one to three months. The outpatient program is much more flexible as it allows the patient to leave the care unit at night.

The programs involve detoxification, addiction treatment, specialized care, and extended/aftercare. The journey to sobriety is not an easy one. It is, however, worth it.

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