Signs that a church member is addicted

Do you suspect if a church member is struggling with addiction? They might either be dealing with substance or behavioral addiction, and struggling to maintain a close communion with God. Here are some of the ways to know if a church member is addicted.


An addicted church member will prefer to stay in isolation instead of being around people. They are less likely to come for church meetings, and would rather keep to themselves.

If they were active members or workers in the church, you may not see them physically like before. When you ask for the reason for their unavailability, you might not get a tangible answer.

Decline in performance at work and life

Another way to know that a church member is addicted is when they experience reduced performance when it comes to life and work.

They might not be able to meet work-related milestones and this can affect their productivity, and even cost them their jobs.

The same also applies to other aspects of their lives where they may be unable to record superb performances in different activities that they are involved in.

Problems with family and friends

Addicted church members are likely not to be on good terms with their loved ones.

When addiction exists in the family, it can cause hate and resentment between the addict and their loved ones. This is why there might be bad blood for sometime until the addiction issue is solved.

Emotional Instability

Emotional instability is another feature that comes with addiction, and even church members struggling with one habit or the other may experience this.

When someone is emotionally unstable, they experience unpredictable reactions, and their emotions might be extreme.

When the church notices that their member is addicted, it is important that they rally round them to provide the needed help and support to get back on their feet. This could include constant prayers, fellowship, study of the word, counseling, etc.

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